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  • Jimmy sipes
    Jimmy Sipes

    I had a great experience with Chris at Lotic Irrigation. Great guy to work with and very professional. Used Lotic for 2 years now for irrigation maintenance, repairs, and winter blowouts. Highly recommend Lotic.

  • Robert lee
    Robert Lee

    Christopher from Lotic Irrigation did a fabulous full yard install at one of our properties. We were so impressed we had him come to our other 3 rental properties and our own home to service and improve the systems there. Christopher is knowledgeable, conscientious and very hard working. We now have our irrigation systems working correctly and efficiently saving us time and money. Christopher is now our "irrigation guy" for all our rental properties. He is simply the best we have dealt with. We would like to extend our highest recommendation to Christopher and Lotic Irrigation LLC. Thank you Christopher!

  • Sharmanhall1!
    sharmanhall1 !

    Definitely recommend Chris and Lotic Irrigation! Chris arrived at my house within 48 hours of my call. He was professional, knowledgeable, and personable. He found the leak quickly and quickly repaired it. I will definitely use Lotic Irrigation for any sprinkler problems in the future. It took him only 40 minutes to complete the job.

  • Gil atanasoff
    Gil Atanasoff

    This is an amazing team! Chris and Ari are both super professional, thorough and very flexible in terms of scope of the project. We are very impressed with the quality of work and look forward to working with them for years to come!

  • Jeff v
    Jeff V

    Chris with Lotic Irrigation was absolutely terrific. I've had my fair share of dealing with contractors and I've got to say this experience was the best I've had. He was very knowledgeable about my watering needs and set up an efficient watering schedule. I look forward to working with him again.

  • Felecia lessman
    Felecia Lessman

    Would highly recommend Chris and Lotic Irrigation! Chris was at my home within 48 hours after I called him. Chris was professional, personable, and knowledgeable. He diagnosed the issue quickly and repaired the leak in the sprinkler line in no time. It took him only 40 minutes to complete the job. Will definitely be using Lotic Irrigation with any sprinkler issues in the future.

  • Rose valdes
    Rose Valdes

    I had called a number of lawn and irrigation companies trying to get my sprinklers blow out. No one called back. As freezing temps approached I called Lotic a bit desperately (2 days away from a freeze) to see if they could help me. The owner was no incredibly responsive! First, he actually answered the phone...unlike most companies, asked to call me right back, kept that promise calling me back within moments and offered to come straight over (20 min.). I was thrilled. I am not accustomed to the level of service and responsiveness I received from Lotic. I will use them from now on! I would highly recommend this company to anyone!!

  • Galan hanson
    Galan Hanson

    Lotic Irrigation provides professional service for lawn and irrigation problems with great results. My lawn was in dismal shape after being attacked by Japanese beetles and the over use of pesticides to eliminate the pest resulting in a dead lawn. Lotic Irrigation was contacted and provided expert advise to rejuvenate the lawn; seed the lawn; and advice to make a thick beautiful green carpet of grass in only a couple of months. His advice for the irrigation improvements and weed control are expert, helpful and accurate. Chris Hollis is my lawn and irrigation contact to get the job done with success, economy and fantastic results.

  • Ron shimpa
    Ron Shimpa

    I've had a bad problem this summer with many brown spots in my lawn due to lack of water. I asked Chris to update my whole irrigation system. After evaluating the existing system he determined that the existing underground piping was fine so he changed out all of the heads, moved some heads to better locations and showed me how to better program the system using my sprinkler timer. My lawn has truly never looked better and with much less watering now - Awesome job at a very fair price.

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