Irrigation & Sprinklers

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Irrigation & Sprinkler Services

  • Irrigation and Sprinkler Repair
  • Water feature Maintenance
  • New Installations and Designs
  • Custom and Unique Water Solutions
  • Controller Upgrades
  • Mapping and Locating
  • Water Efficiency Upgrades
  • Smart Controller Set-up
  • Auto fills and other water transfer set ups
  • Pump station maintenance and replacement.
  • Rainwater Catchment Services.
  • Sprinkler Blowout
  • Winterizations
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Annual Checklist

  1. Sprinkler spring activate or start up.
  2. Seasonal adjustments
  3. Head and nozzle adjustments
  4. Drip leak repair
  5. Sprinkler lateral repair
  6. Smart Controller Upgrade
  7. Sprinkler blowouts
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Irrigation & Sprinkler Services

At Lotic we focus on water saving techniques that allow homeowners to keep the yard they love while limiting and reducing the water use. We will help to change landscapes and make recommendations on plant and tree selections. Our goal at Lotic is to get the community used to thinking more about their usage and trying to live more within their means. We love educating and personalizing irrigation and sprinkler systems. We provide low use drip solutions that allow a large amount of plants, trees, and shrubs to prosper in our arid climate. We have discounts for off season work.

Lotic irrigation - irrigation and sprinklers services - 05-min

Irrigation & Sprinkler Services


  • Rates: 2021
    General Labor Help: $65/hr
    Technician A: $115/hr
    Technician B: $85/hr
  • Service Calls A:
    $125 for the first hour then $115 an hour after that. Billed to the quarter hour. Informal or formal estimates can be provided for jobs taking more than 2.5 hours.
  • Service Calls B:
    $95 for the first hour then $85 an hour after that. Billed to the quarter hour. Informal or formal estimates can be provided for jobs taking more than 2.5 hours.
  • Activations: Residential
    $85 for the first 6 zones then $10 for every 3 valves after that.
  • Basic activate includes:
    Basic adjustment of rotors, and spray heads. Leak detection and repair. Along with suggestions and controller programing.
  • Commercial Activations and Service calls:
    Billed hourly or custom rate provided to powers that be.
  • Blow outs: residential
    $75 Up to 6 zones Add $3 a zone after that
  • Commercial blowouts:
    $95 Up to 8 Zones $3 a zone after that.
  • Seasonal Adjustments:
    Usually 2-3 per year each $115 for an hour long visit. During this hour on site we will go through each zone and test that the system is operating properly. We will make any adjustments that are necessary and program the controller for the appropriate time of year. Any additional notes or suggestions will be provided to the client for review.
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During activations and service calls we will walk the system and look for overall system health. We check for leaks and make repairs in the time allowed. Most days the schedule is set for 1 hour visits for activations. Bigger jobs will be scheduled for an appropriate day.

We adjust the controller and set it for seasonal watering.
We will take notes and provide estimates for work/maintenance that is needed. Our goal is to get the irrigation system watering accurately and efficiently. We will treat your irrigation system like it is our own, we strive to provide hassle free service. We warranty all workmanship for 2 years and materials for 1 year.

Irrigation comes in many forms, we have extensive experience in how to operate and set up complex systems. These can include pump stations, solar, and other multi-source applications. If you have a water source available to you, we have a solution on how to optimize and utilize this source. Most times we get a better reaction out of plants and trees when we use a non-potable water source. Plants and trees can react negatively to chlorinated water. During the hottest parts of the year a plant will not recover from a droopy state. This just requires time as the water will keep the plant alive, once it cools down and natural moisture takes hold the plants will recover.

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Info 2

Call us today and set up a consultation and we can see what water improvements we can make on your site.

We specialize in outdoor water repairs and services including sprinklers, drip, water features, drainage, controllers, valves, emitters, retrofits, conversions, sprinkler blowouts, and irrigation blowouts.

Don't forget to winterize your water feature and winterize your pump We are ready to help.

Do not forget that if neglected our irrigation and sprinkler systems will need costly repairs down the road. Don't wait though, we can help turn your sprinkler system into a prime example of responsible sprinkler ownership.

We provide discounts for winter work to get you ahead for next year. Set up your appointment with Chris today.

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