Water Features & Ponds

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Water Features & Ponds

  • Water Feature Installation
  • Water Feature Maintenance and Repair
  • Pond Installations
  • Pond Maintenance and Repair
  • Water Feature Lighting
  • Pump replacement and service
  • Filter installation and retrofit
  • UV Light Replacement
  • Aerator Installation and Maintenance



Water features and ponds are like owning a pet. With out constant care and food they will die or get overtaken by disease and other infections. He at Lotic we understand the chemistry of water properties and are well versed in how to care and treat a water system in need.

We offer to educate homeowners who care to take on the responsibility on their own or we will provide a service schedule that allows us to work within a budget and keep up on the needs of the water environment.

We understand that no two water features are exactly the same and that a general treatment plan only gets you so far. We customize each treatment system with many factors taken into consideration. Our service department has many years of understanding in all facets of your water feature including autofill, pumps, plumbing, PH, algaecides, and other bacterial supplements. Call for a new experience today.

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