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By Comparison

Fort Collins averages 16 inches of precipitation a year! In Santa Fe, where my arid journey began, we averaged 14 inches. Average US precipitation is 38 inches a year!
All this means that our optics are being distorted because our drinking water comes from the life source known as the Poudre River. This source has proven to be mostly reliable, even though its origins are 55+ miles away.

*****We must not forget that we are only one dry winter away from being forced to learn the hard way that our current irrigation practices are not sustainable.*****


Needing Change

As a society, we have entered a place where we feel a need to change the way we look and interact with our world. Our thoughts must transcend our normal, often narrow view, to one that broadens our experience with new and exciting possibilities. This may sound like a more meaningful intro than our outdoor living spaces deserve, but hear me out...



My younger life was experienced in the much more arid state of New Mexico. During my youth I happened to stumble upon a company that changed my relationship with water forever. We installed underground rainwater catchment systems on private residence to provide relief for our scarce natural resource, but also to ensure sustainable and gorgeous outdoor extensions of the living space. This was the beginning of my life long education into sustainable water practices. Now after 14 years I am ready to help bring back the respect and care necessary to maintaining the complex nature of irrigation systems.


Our Chance at Change

Don't worry too much, we have solutions to this challenging situation and results are not disappointing
We can have our lawns be beautiful without watering too much. We can learn how to experience an outdoor living space that inspires us with natural elements that do not require excessive water to look beautiful. Our sprinkler systems can work more efficiently and reduce our cost of water and get some ROI.

Here in the High Desert we must conserve our most precious resource. This does not mean our yard has to look thirsty. We have a very unique opportunity to incorporate striking combinations of plant material and natural stone contrasts to make your yard beautiful.

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