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2/15/2021 Blog Post

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and boy was it a cold one. While most may have watched the snow from inside, here at Lotic we went right into the middle of the storm. We accomplished a good amount while the air felt like -21 at times. Snow removal will continue to be a part of our world for the next few months. We will mix in other projects mainly new irrigation installations. We provide both commercial and residential snow removal services. We are signing up new clients and always strive to do our best.

Even with those cold temps, we are eagerly waiting for next season. We have been busy building our schedule out with new installs beginning later this month. We are pushing to provide a next level or irrigation service and maintenance programs that will allow our company to provide the best services available. We are setting up for the early birds. We provide services for water features, irrigation, ponds, drainage systems, sprinklers, gardens, drip, and pretty much all the other stuff that is involved outside. We have space available for flagstone and paver patios. We also provide services for tree and perennial plantings.

Our business will grow as we move towards a more ecological installation process. As a business Lotic is a way I can help reach and spread the word, we can and should be handling things differently with our outdoor spaces.

Bring on 2021!

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